Leading Commodity Freshwater Fish of Borneo

Semah fish or Empurau, one of the endemic fish in West Kalimantan which is almost extinct

By Mochammad Fattaha* , Pudji Purwantia , Edi Susiloa , Tiwi Nurjannati Utamia dan Dwi Sofiatib

Kalimantan Island is the 2nd biggest island in Indonesia that has 5 provinces with 56 areas/cities. The freshwater fish production got to 249,393 loads. This examine objectives to evaluate prominent commodities and payment of freshwater fish from Kalimantan Island. This examine utilizes a collection research study with additional information from BPS in 2021. Place Quotient and payments evaluation are utilized to evaluate the information. The primary commodities are carp, catfish Clarias sp., catfish Pangasius sp.,tilapia and carp.

Catfish controls items in 37 places with LQ worth higher than the others.

The prospective advancement locations are North Kalimantan and West Kalimantan. Nevertheless, the greatest manufacturing worth from Kalimantan Island fishery industry is Main Kalimantan with IDR.2.091 billion or 5.71%. Read more

Source: http://jfmr.ub.ac.id

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