Diversity, potentiality, and conservation status of fish fauna in the upper Mahakam’s tributaries, East Kalimantan

Labiobarbus lineatus one of the endemic fish species of Borneo  

by Jusmaldi, Nova Hariani, Norbeta Doq

Diversity, potentiality and conservation condition of fish animals in top Mahakam's tributaries of eastern Kalimantan is unidentified. The purposes of this study were to evaluation species diversity, determine potentiality and conservation condition of fish animals in top Mahakam's tributaries, eastern Kalimantan.

Fish sampling with purposive technique was conducted in 4 tributaries, i.e Tepai River, Pahangai River, Danum Parai River, and Meraseh River for one month.

Fishes were gathered by several equipments kind. The outcomes of this research revealed that the total variety of fish captured was 820 individuals; consist of 26 species, 7 families, and 4 orders. The Cyprinidae was one of the most leading family found in all tributaries. The Shannon-Wiener diversity index in 4 tributaries were varied and varying from 1.749-2.087.

The highest fish diversity was tape-taped at Maraseh River complied with by Pahangai River, Danum Parai River, and Tepai River. The reduced fish diversity was found at Tepai River may be because of distinctions in substratum kind, sprinkle

speed, and sprinkle deepness as compared with the Maraseh River, Pahangai River, Danum Parai River.

The fish species resemblance coefficient in between 4 tributaries varied from 0.606-0.842 and the highest dissimilarity was found in between Tepai River and Danum Parai River. Nearly all fishes classified as edible fish for local consumption.

Syncrossus hymenophysa and Gastromyzon lepidogaster have potential as ornamental fish.

IUCN red list condition, 6 fish species were grouped right into the very least concern condition, 2 species as information deficient, one species as close to endangered, one species as threatened species and 16 various other species weren't on the list. Read more

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