Freshwater Fishes of Mendalam River System, Betung Kerihun Np, West Kalimantan

Hampala bimaculata

By Ike Rachmatika

The ichthyological study was conducted in Mendalam river system on 6 May to 24 May 1998 in Mendalam River and 2l its tributaries. a sub river system ol Kapuas River Basin. These were included in 44 sampling stations. 

This work conducted in conlunction wrth the establishment and management of Betung Kerihun National Park collected 69 llshes species. These belong to l2 tam ilia, 3 9 genera and 5 ordo. 

The rnost common fishes were those belonging to Cyprinidae (47.88%), Balitoridae (14 08%) dan Cobitidae (12.67%). Ar least elevenspeciesendemicto Borneo weref bund.Theyare Garra borneensis, Grynocheilus pustulosus, Hampala bimaculata, Homaloptera stephensoni, Neogastromyzon niewenhuisi, N. pauciradiatus, Osphronemus septemfascialus, Paracro. ssochilus acerus, Rashora voltzi, Acrochordonich/hys chanteleon, and Castromyzon embalohensis. Most of the lishes fbund constitute ornamental and consummed fishes, which are economically rmportant. Read more

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